Dyngus Day

Dyngus Day - Polish Eagle
Happy Dyngus Day

Welcome to the Dyngus Day Shirt website
Are you looking for a new shirt for the upcoming Dyngus Day event? We carry a fully line of unique shirts to make you stand out in the crowd!
Dyngus Day festivals are held annually through-out the United States. The largest and first being Dyngus Day Buffalo, held in Buffalo, New York. Cleveland Ohio also holds an annual Dyngus Day festival!

Dyngus Day is fast approaching! Most people who attend Dyngus Day are there to have a great time. Over the years while attending Dyngus Day I noticed many shirts, but none that really stood out. Many vendors just reprint old classics and ones those shirts wear out; most people repurchase the same because there isn’t a very large supply of new designs.

Polish Shirt Store is changing all that! We come up with new Dyngus Day shirt designs frequently.
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Happy Dyngus Day and thank you for view our site!

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